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Paw Stars in WoW: Legion

by Bellancia, 291 days ago

A Sub-Forum has been created for the guild Transition into WoW: Legion.

This area is locked down to guild / site members only. Apply for the guild if you are not already a member.

Click here for a direct link to the sub-forum.


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Raid and Loot Rules and How to sign up for raids.

by Bellancia, 315 days ago

The final version of the Guild Raid and Loot Rules have been posted.
All raiders must read and understand these rules before signing up for raid.

You can find the rules HERE.


The final version of the 'How to sign up for raid' process has been posted.

You can find the process HERE.

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Welcome to our new guild site

by Bellancia, 339 days ago

Hi Guys,

Welcome to the guilds new website.

Permissions, ranks, and most features are ready for use.
Raids will be posted via Rapid Raid. At this point DKP will not be used.
More details on the raids will be posted soon.


If you find any features that are not working, post the details here.

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Vent accounts

by Bellancia, 351 days ago

Accounts are now created for Guildies/ Guild Friends and regular raiders.

Tags for Vent accounts;

Friend - Regular to raids and a friend to the guild
Member - Guild Members
Senior Raider - Senior Raider position in guild
Admin - Guild Officer


If you log into Vent and have tag "Guest account", Contact Bellancia via ingame mail on one of the following toons with the details below;

Toons: Redjellybëan-Dalaran or Bellancia-Dalaran
Or post a reply to this thread.

Details needed;
- Vent Name
- Ingame character name

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Ugly Sweater Party - 2015

by Bellancia, 351 days ago

This years Guild Holiday event went down as a hit.

Fist event was guild gifts received on Christmas day.
Second event was guild pet giveaways on Boxing day in Smooshies Garrison.
Followed by a Guild World boss in the Garrison.

After the boss was downed, we met at the highest point in Storm Peaks and did 2 races.

Race 1: Jumping with slowfall and seeing how far we could go without extra items. Race was won by Capstick.
Race 2: Jumping with slowfall and seeing how far we could go while using any item on your toon. Race was won by Baristolth.

After the jumping races, we met in Durotar and raced as tiny pandas. Race was won by Spamsmolytic.

Races were followed by pet battles with 3 pre-selected pets.
Winter Reindeer
Winter's Little Helper
Tiny Snowman

Pet battles were won by: Baristolth


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No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em